The R has a single-core Atom processor. The first impression of these tiny peripherals is that they look cute but it rapidly becomes clear that they are too small to be of much use. While XP may not be offered as an alternative, Acer has created a Linux edition with a few notable specification alterations. Dapat yung eMachines na yung kukunin namin for 20k. As it is, they have made installing it as simple as possible by shipping the right kit: The good news is that Acer’s implementation is just as successful. I bought an extra one of these for my parents and installed XP and extra memory.

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The only exception r3060 this is if you have lots of cables to attach which can overbalance things. I had no problems finding XP drivers. Dell Inspiron 15 – Intel Pentium Gold, Previous Atom-based models, with their integrated graphics acer aspire r3600 Intel, have lacked the grunt to play back high definition video smoothly, but our initial look at a pre-production Ion sample earlier this r6300 gave us hope that nettops could find a niche as low-cost media devices.

It’s worth bearing acer aspire r3600 mind, though, so you should try them for yourself in a high street store before you buy.

Acer Aspire Revo R3600 review

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. It did drop a few frames here and there in acer aspire r3600 action scenes, but we only noticed when analysing footage statistically – to the naked eye our clips remained smooth.


The Linux aspirw comes with the Revo is an instant-booting, unmodifiable, very basic system that just allows web browsing, skype and listening to music, and very little else. Published on 26 September Acer aspire r3600 Aspire X 3.

Acer Aspire R Specs – CNET

The included stand works fine if fitted properly loosen the screw on the bottom of acer aspire r3600 stand before fitting it, make sure it clicks into place and then re-tighten the screw.

The inclusion of a memory card reader and Draft-N wireless puts the Revo firmly ahead of other nettops. Thanks to its ability to play p HD video and afer fact that it’s incredibly quiet, it could be the perfect media centre PC for your living room. The first impression of these tiny peripherals is that they look cute but it rapidly becomes clear acer aspire r3600 they are too small to be of much use.

Nvidia is sapire to show that acer aspire r3600 get better value for money by spending your cash on the GPU rather than the CPU, so it’s cockahoop that a manufacturer as big as Acer has rolled out the Aspire Revo.

It pairs an 1. In our comparison of desktop chipsets with integrated graphics we were acer aspire r3600 clear that the GeForce was better than Intel’s G45, specifically in the area of HD movie decoding.

Acer Aspire Revo R3600

Acer Aspire Z Lowest Price: However, we have previously tested desktop acer aspire r3600 with the GeForce chipset and have found the movie decoder aver be a gem for this kind of thing. Product information Technical Details.


Stick it to the back of your screen. Windows Vista Home Premium. I bought an extra one of these for my acer aspire r3600 and installed XP and extra memory. However, we can also see that you get three times the processing power from a Celeron E and feel that a change would result in a superior product.

Acer Aspire Revo R • The Register

The R acer aspire r3600 a single-core Atom processor. Designed for edge-on operation. This is an excellent little piece of kit. Please be aware that we cannot guarantee that all the information shown, such as prices, specs, images, acer aspire r3600. Whichever package you choose, the rest of the Revo is the same. It’s perfect for this and general browsing and a few less axpire games. Ah, yes, HD movies.

If you don’t need peripherals, it’s great value. Its parallelogram shape is unusual but striking, and the dark blue side panels on a white main body make it far better looking than Asus’ sterile plastic approach. Image 1 acer aspire r3600 2. In order to use this website and its services, users must consent to and abide by the Terms of Use.


However, we are none too impressed by the slowness of the system.